New repaint for Shockwave Bf109E-4 - JG2 Shellmann

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New repaint for Shockwave Bf109E-4 - JG2 Shellmann

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I have uploaded my latest repaint for the Shockwave WWII Fighters Bf109E-4. This is Bf109E-4 W.Nr.5159 of Maj Wolfgang Schellmann, Kommodore JG 2. August 1940. Many thanks to Panther for providing the "nudge" that got me to do the paintkit in the first place :)

This repaint is based on a profile provided by Panther by way of saying thanks :)

I have uploaded to and

At the outbreak of World War 2, Schellmann was serving with I./JG 77, participating in the invasion of Poland. He was then transferred to the staff of Luftflotte 2. On 15 December 1939, Hauptmann Schellmann was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 2. He claimed his first victory in World War 2 on 15 May 1940, when he shot down a RAF Hurricane fighter near Couly. By the end of the French campaign he had seven victories to his credit. Schellmann was appointed Kommodore of JG 2, during the Battle of Britain, on 3 September 1940. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 18 September 1940 for 10 victories. On 22 October 1940, Schellmann was appointed Kommodore of JG 27, while the unit was based on the Channel Front. In spring of 1941, he led JG 27 during the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece.

Wolfgang Schellmann was credited with 25 victories in over 150 combat missions before he became a victim of a “taran” attack made by a Russian I-16 fighter in the vicinity of Kamenki, near Grodno in Russia. Schellmann baled out of his stricken Bf 109 E-7 but thereafter little is known of his fate. It is thought the Russian NKVD shot him. He was to receive a posthumous promotion to Oberstleutnant.

The obligatory screenshots


This is an edited screenshot to get a formation view

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wow another great paint!!! Great job and it's much appreicated!!!

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I'll second that. Thanks for all the nice paintjobs ICDP. They are a very welcome addition to the basic pack. :D



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BF109 Paint

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Now this is one repaint I have to have! Outstanding work!

Keep the shinny side up and the dirty side down!

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love it! will have to get this one!

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