Wind gusts in P3D just unrealistic?

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Hobart Escin
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Wind gusts in P3D just unrealistic?

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I'm currently using P3D 4.5 along with Activesky for the same. I'm really finding it next to impossible to achieve realistic winds gusts during approach and landing with bigger aircraft all the way from A2A's Connie to PMDG's 747-800. Unless I turn Activesky's turbulence factors completely off, I experience what feels like typhoon wind gusts during approach and flare, when in reality the wind gust factor may be like 8 knots or so. I'm not sure if the problem lies solely with Activesky's weather depiction engine, P3D itself, or just as likely both. Really though, an 8 knot wind gust during landing flare will cause either the Connie or the 747 to float hundreds of feet down the runway. It's like all larger aircraft with Activesky and P3D react physics-wise like a little Cessna or Piper Cub during a wind gust.

Have any of you more experienced simmers on here noticed the same type thing and maybe found a workaround other than turning all of Activesky's turbulence settings off?

I also do realize that Activesky has a user support forum but well, you know, A2A customers are quite frankly a lot more knowledgeable overall. :wink: No offense intended to those on the official forum.

Thank you.

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Re: Wind gusts in P3D just unrealistic?

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Set all the turbulence and wind sliders (I believe it’s 3 of them) to 20-30 and turn off enhanced turbulence. That‘s the value PMDG and FSL recommend and it works quite well. Also the up and down drafts are too much imho, I have set them to half the default value. You are right though, the default 100% is absolutely exaggerated.

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Re: Wind gusts in P3D just unrealistic?

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Yeah, it is a game of balancing the totally unrealistic up-/downdrafts and wind gusts in P3D to have at least something but not too much of the wrong thing.

I've had positive experience so far with RealTurb addons that work in addition to the Active Sky, taking the prevailing wind and the terrain into account when injecting turbulence and gust effects. That way one can set the AS settings very low (or all the way to zero if wanted) but still have a good shake on the approach should conditions be right. They only work close to the ground, however, they do make approaches into the airports that have difficult terrain surrounding them rather interesting on windy days.


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Re: Wind gusts in P3D just unrealistic?

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Turn off Enhanced Turbulence in Active Sky. No more puking copilot in the Connie!


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