Yet another topic about MSFS2020

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Re: Yet another topic about MSFS2020

Post bladerunner900 »

patful wrote:
29 Jul 2020, 07:35
Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought Scott was talking about their existing Accusim aircraft. Since there are only four aircraft in that FirePower list that still fly, not sure how that can work.
I think Scott was explaining the decision making process in past projects. If I understand it correctly, team members would throw in suggestions and it was his job to whittle it down to a few that finally had the Accu-sim treatment. Ultimately it is his decision.
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Re: Yet another topic about MSFS2020

Post einherz »

if say about list in new light of situation with new flight model in msfs2020, with certainly first in my mind p-51, i would be very lucky see p-39/63 as most interesting dynamical conception(39 preferably) and would be happy if p-47 will first, not because i miss it from p3d 32bit version, where this big baby work same perfect as in fsx with accu-sim, but because i feel people, who love this ac same as i love p-51 and i very good understand them... but as i said long days before i will lucky with any of fighters in the new simulator, with a2a quality even without hangar, just with modeling all systems, failrues, damages etc. but if i will can stall to flat spine p-39 and when recovery after some rotations with immideatly jump to invert spine, that's will best day of my virtual life from first version of il-2sturmovic(actually 1.22 version, as in first versions i long time flew only in la-5fn with wite skin... it was about 20y ago, there i had callsign MIGHAIL) btw... that version of il-2 before forgotten battles was become, i think had the best aerodynamic models ever, all the craft you flight there was alife and had individual behavior, in forgotten battles everything become more accurate by technical characteristicks, but dynamic reborn to collective thing for everything, same spine recovery, same imposible got uncontrolled inverted spine... so for me new simulator it is not only new way graphic and wather engine, but hope to found individual alife birds with new aerodinamic engine options, and at least a2a perfect models of ww2 fighters... unfortunately didn't fly much microsoft combat simulator 3, or fortunately, as if yes, my post could be much longer, and with my english it's hell not good for me and for you are guys lol
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Re: Yet another topic about MSFS2020

Post BigT-65 »

Just to get my 2 cents in on this. I would most like to see the P-51military, P-51 civilian, Comanche 250 and the Spitfire in MSFS2020.
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Re: Yet another topic about MSFS2020

Post twsharp12 »

BigT-65 wrote:
08 Dec 2020, 00:14
Just to get my 2 cents in on this. I would most like to see the P-51military, P-51 civilian, Comanche 250 and the Spitfire in MSFS2020.
That'd be alright.

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Re: Yet another topic about MSFS2020

Post Dogsbody55 »

I'd love to see the Comanche 250 and Spitfire brought across to MSFS, along with the Cherokee, Bonanza, Cessna 182 and P-40.

But this would also be a good time to think about developing a Cherokee 235 which was to be introduced with the Cherokee 180C, along with that lovely Comanche 400.


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