First Flight of XP-82

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First Flight of XP-82

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This is the "First Flight of the World's Only Flying XP-82 Twin Mustang". Flight was accomplished on January 28, 2019 in Douglas, GA, USA.

It's official! On January 28th, 2019 a North American Twin Mustang lifted into the air once again on a planned flight, its twin Packard-built Merlin engines roaring like only they can.
The event was truly music to aviation history's ears.

You can read all about master warbird restorer Tom Reilly's years of work to bring the XP-82—a prototype variant of the P/F-82—back to life, and the Twin Mustang's place in the
annals of military aviation, in this past piece of ours. Originally, it was hoped that the Twin Mustang was would be flying in time to make a triumphant appearance at EAA's Airventure
air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last Summer, but that goal increasingly looked in doubt as the July show date approached.

Better late than never and now that the XP-82 has flown it will begin a flight test program from its home field in Douglas, Georgia that will hopefully lead to it being cleared to roar
around the country to various air shows and warbird gatherings in the not so distant future.

This was technically the second flight of the reborn XP-82, but its first planned flight. A December 31st high-speed ground test ended up turning into an unplanned, albeit short flight.
A posting on the XP-82 project's Facebook page described the surprise inaugural flight and just how powerful the aircraft is:

A huge congrats to Tom and his team. We can't wait to see and hear her rip through the sky with our own eyes and ears!

Contact the author: [email protected]


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Re: First Flight of XP-82

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VERY Cool! Thank you for posting!


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Re: First Flight of XP-82

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Definitely cool! Thanks for posting!
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Re: First Flight of XP-82

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Could be an A2A future twin engine project! Just a little wishful thinking[FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY][FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]

Good to see her in the air. Last one I saw was the CAF’s many moons ago.


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Re: First Flight of XP-82

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Thanks for sharing on the forums here, Ive been following this on my facebook and twitter feeds etc as its obviously been posted about all over, amazing to see.

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