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A2A Simulations - Old Store to New Store Migration Step-by-Step

Posted: 18 May 2018, 10:50
Lewis - A2A
Hello everyone,

If this post is live then it means that after a long time in development and planning that the new website, store and first roll out of the new installers is live. We hope you enjoy the new website and store experience. This is the first big step of what will be a gradual roll-out of the all new installers and update system, and will ultimately lead to new installers for 90% of the A2A products on the store, as well as some nice discounts for you the customer.

For this first live step we have rolled out the all new installers for the current P3Dv4 fleet. Once we know its solid and working out in the public domain on everyone's very different systems we will then push these out to the third party stores whilst also working on the rest of the new installers for FSX and P3Dv3 etc.

New Store

Existing A2A Simulations Store users

Step 1; Visit here and create a new store account for yourself

Step 2; Fill out this form answering the questions to let us know your new account email + any and all emails associated with your old account or accounts on the old store.

Step 3; You can now use the new store for new purchases and you will receive an order email in due time once your orders are moved across from the old store. (The migration is normally within 48hrs)

If you have previously filled out the form without creating a new account, please create a new account and then fill the form out.

We will work as quick as we can to get your orders onto your new account and as a bonus multiple accounts will be able to be combined on the new store. Additionally your purchases from the old store you have made will still earn you A2A Flying Hours on the new store so you can use these towards discounts on future purchases as you see fit, be it using the points altogether or just a few at a time. Every single A2A Store customer will be getting some kind of a discount.

All New A2A Simulations Store users

Step 1; Visit here and create a new store account for yourself

Step 2; You can now log in and purchase as you see fit. Every purchase you make will earn you A2A Flying Hours as a discount toward future purchases.

New Installer and Updater Roll Out

Our brand new installation and update system is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to install your A2A fleet and make sure it's kept up to date with the latest fixes and features. We recognise that there's an expectation that products downloaded from the web will always include the latest content, so if your flight sim PC is connected to the internet, the new installers will check for updates at the point of installation and give you the option to download and install any that are found. We hope this will be particularly beneficial for those A2A customers who buy from third-party retailers and rarely (if ever) visit the forums here.

Please see this post for more information on the installation and update process. Whilst we've done our best to test them as thoroughly as possible, if you encounter any difficulties with the new installers, please drop us a line in the relevant technical support forum