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Every P3D aircraft is a masterpiece.
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Author:  bobsk8 [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Every P3D aircraft is a masterpiece.

After flying tubeliners for my first year back to simming in P3D, and getting bored with it, I decided to switch to flying A2A aircraft designed for P3D. Don't like using Migration tools on my perfectly running P3D, so my aircraft are just the P3D models, the 172-182-Cherokee, Comanche, AT6 and the Connie. I guess I spent the most time initially on the AT6 and the Connie, those being the most challenging to master. I finally, after many hours, got the At6 under control, and I quickly realized that I would focus on one aircraft, and the others would sit in the hangar , and went I went back to them I had to relearn some of abilities I had forgotten since the previous flights. I finally decided to rotate from one to the other after around 2-3 weeks on each, and this has worked out perfectly for me.

In the process of rotation, I now find that about 10 minutes of flying each one, and everything comes back to me. I also realize what a masterpiece every one of these aircraft are to fly after being away from each one for a couple of weeks.. Each one feels to me just l like flying a real aircraft. When I got my license back in the late 70's I could rent a C 152 wet for $19 and hour, with less than 50 hours on the hobbs. Now that I am retired and on SS, I couldn't even afford to rent a 172 once a week, but I can get on my PC in the morning, fly a Comanche, or an AT6, or as I did this morning the Skylane on a 100 mile flight in British Columbia using Vatsim ATC, and it is just as thrilling as when I used to fly around South Florida in a 172, sometimes even more so. Don't have to worry about landing fees, $5 a gallon 100LL, being weathered in, etc. etc. Fly to my hearts content on realistic aircraft that work perfectly. Can't beat it, thanks to A2A,


Author:  Scott - A2A [ Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Every P3D aircraft is a masterpiece.

Thanks Bob. We have a specific process we put the real world counterparts through that seems to do an almost 1:1 translation to the simulator. It becomes most apparent when things get slow. I find just going up in the pattern for a quick flight is very satisfying and can be done in under 15 minutes.


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