Happy Birthday Dudley!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Roadburner426 »

Happy birthday Dudley! And may you have many more ahead of you. :mrgreen:
S. Jordan
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post DHenriquesA2A »

Thank you Scott, and all of you here on the A2A forums as well, for making this day a bit brighter for me.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post flashg50 »

Happy Birthday Dudley. Hope it was a good one
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post pjc747 »

Happy Birthday! From personal experience, I can attest that June 25th is a good day on which to have been born.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Paul K »

A very Happy Birthday to you, Dudley.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post cflord »

Happy birthday and thanks for all you do for us members!

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down!

Ret SMSgt Cliff Lord - C-130 Flight Engineer & Mechanic :D

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Dogsbody55 »

I hope you had a good birthday, Dudley, and got spoiled rotten. Thanks for all you do around these parts, and your many valuable, informative tips on these forums.

Cheers, (literally :D )

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post BPL »

Hope you had a great birthday, Dudley! 8)

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Adam_NZ »

Happy Birthday from me too, Dudley - a nice opportunity to say THANK YOU for all your informative posts!


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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Pistonpilot »

Hope your birthday was most enjoyable and exceptionally relaxing, Dudley! I always look forward to reading your fair and friendly analysis of aviation happenings and sim situations on this forum, so let me also take the opportunity to say thank-you for all you do for the community!

-Ian C

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Mig_Driver »

Bringing up the rear of the formation in my beloved Fishbed, just wanted to add my happiest of birthday wishes (albeit a bit late).

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post guillaume78150 »

My 2 cts, always a pleasure to read Dudley's informative posts.
Happy one.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post AKar »

Happy Anniversary and I wish you a great year until next one, Dudley! :) And thanks for your work in the background as well!


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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post crazac »

Cheers Dudley! Happy Birthday!!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post rcoultas »

Happy Birthday Dudley! Enjoy and thanks for your contributions to aviation real and simulated!


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