Happy Birthday Dudley!

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Scott - A2A
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Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Scott - A2A »

I wanted to say happy birthday to a guy who has been central to what everyone here knows as "A2A Simulations Inc."

Yes, A2A is a corporation, but that is just the title. It's the people that make up this corporation that give it life. We're a family. And this family would not be the same without Dudley.

If I am ever in trouble trying to work out any of the countless big challenges A2A has faced over the years, you will find me on the phone talking with Dudley. His raw experience, intelligence, and creativity means he is always able to bring great wisdom to any challenges. Many may or may not know that Dudley not only has extensive aviation experience but is an accomplished musician and singer and has a very mean marketing hat.

And his memory simply blows my mind. He remembers details from the cockpit over decades that most forget in weeks, or even days, or for that matter never even noticed in the first place.

Dudley doesn't like this kind of spotlight much, but I think he'll have to endure for this one day. Happy birthday Dudley! We wish you are the best today and many more to come.

A2A Simulations Inc.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post guenseli »

Happy birthday :!:

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post gulredrel »

Happy Birthday and thanks for contributing here and share your knowledge with us.
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alan CXA651
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post alan CXA651 »

Happy Birthday Dudley , have a great day.
regards alan. 8)

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post AviationAtWar »

Happy Birthday!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post CodyValkyrie »

Guten Geburtstag!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post speedy70 »

Happy Birthday Dudley

Cheers Chris

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post MarcE »

Happy Birthday Dudley, have a great party :D

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Raceguy »

Happy Birthday Dudley!


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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Lewis - A2A »

Happy birthday Dudley, hope you get some awesome family time in
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Moggster »

Happy birthday Dudley!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post aonyn »

Happy Birthday Dudley!
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Oracle427 »

Happy birthday Dudley! :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Mikenor »

Happy birthday Dudley!


Tomas Linnet
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Re: Happy Birthday Dudley!

Post Tomas Linnet »

Mr. Henriques

Many congratulations on your birthday. We, the community, are very lucky to have you here. I hope you have a nice day :D
Kind Regards

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