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A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 08:14

last week I visited so called "Hangar 10" at Heringsdorf Airport, German Baltic Sea island Usedom.
Here are some impressions and details. The collections consists of mostly two seat warbirds, many of them in flying condition.
Haven't seen the T-6, but according to the website 30 min T-6 flight would cost 660€ (about 735 US $)

Griffon engine



Highly polished P-51 two seater

Bf-109 G-6

Bf-109 G-12 two seater with interchangable engine section. It can be used with a Merlin or the DB605 engine. See details here:

Here the testflight with the DB engine:

front view




last weeks gusty winds at the Baltic Sea prevented me from taking a ride with that Cub


edit: Is there a way to get the youtube https link working embedded? I need to use the non secure http and have to change browser security to see it embedded.

Re: A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 08:19
Super photos Jens ,thank you.

Cheers Chris

Re: A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 08:36
Beautifull shots!!! Thanks for sharing!

Re: A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 16:23
Fantastic photos, and thank you very much for sharing them!

It is a most intriguing collection. The entire collection of aircraft are currently for sale, at premium prices - the owner keeping the planes on the market, but with every intention to continue flying them and adding to the collection. Hangar 10 currently has a Flug Werk FW-190A-8/N nearing completion at MeierMotors, to fly again, possibly by the end of the year (the same one that used to be based in France, before it ditched in the sea several years back, now under restoration and in different markings). ... e=59CE2460

Hangar 10 also just recently purchased a Buchon that had been flying in England for the past several years. Word has it that it will be going to MeierMotors for some work,which presumably means that it will be converted with a DB 605. The Bf-109G-6 pictured is a new-build example, based on an original wreck/remains/identity. It was completed by MeierMotors last year, and is flight-worthy, but has yet to be flight tested, of course powered by a DB 605. The Bf-109G-12 is a converted Buchon, that originally was obtained by Hangar 10 in stock configuration in 2009 or '10, but suffered a landing accident a few years later. Faced with having to do repair work fire-wall forward anyway, the decision was made to covert the airframe to DB 605 power and an original two-seat Bf-109G-12 (since that time, as stated, they've been able to configure it in such a way that they can change back and forth between the DB 605 and the original Merlin setup of the Buchon via the QEC method - though of course it's probably not simply an overnight task).

As I recall, the TF-51D they have was built from a collection of parts/assemblies left over from the old Square One restoration company at Chino, that used to handle most of the TF-51D conversions. The project came together/was built-up at MeierMotors. The Spitfire used to be based in the US for quite some time, when owned by the Frasca family. Hangar 10 also used to have a two-seat Spitfire Mk.IX trainer, but it was sold to a new owner in the UK (one of the unluckiest of Spitfires, unfortunately it had to make a forced landing in a field on its delivery flight to England back in 2015, suffering quite severely, and it has since been under repair/restoration).

Re: A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 21 Jun 2017, 06:02
Lewis - A2A
Great photos of an interesting collection of aircraft. Thank you for sharing with us on the forums


Re: A visit at "Hangar 10" collection

Posted: 22 Jun 2017, 01:14
A2A needs to make an axis fighter so we can practice dog fighting ww2 style