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VR and the new simpit

Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 09:01
I've had the Oculus Rift since back in May but have only used it with stick and rudder type planes, taildraggers, gliders and a helo. My VR sim is set up that way and it feels so great being crammed into this amazing A2A cockpit with all its details.

However, last night I decided to try the B17 and then later the B377. It was like rediscovering VR all over again as I was now in this spacious flight deck! and the night lighting of the B17 both with its florescent and glow in the dark settings...just amazing. Having the B17 co pilot addon that our A2A member created allowed me to use voice control as the Oculus Rift has a built in mic. I set the sound of the outside engine noise to play on my speakers and the voices to play on my OC headset.

One thing that sometimes seems to be a topic of concern and the reason for my post, is on more complex planes, the idea of moving your hands around trying to find your hardware controls without seeing them and flying that way. But having experienced the magic of VR which gives you the depth and feel of the vc, you actually could create a simpit with a specific airframe in mind and be alright.

I mean I feel like I can grab every switch and every lever and am able to put my hand in space as to where I feel like I should reach to touch those controls. So I have someone measure where my hand is from a point of reference like the floor and from the monitor table lets say and I can then put the controls there.

Desktop Aviator sells real cheap toggle switches and a 20 switch board that would allow many switches to be wired and placed where you would see them in the vc. My days of flying my big sim are numbers and I think my next simpit build is going to be strictly for VC and might have to shelf my Dash 8 and GTN750 touchscreen. The biggest draw back to VR is not being able to share it in the simpit like I can with my 4 seat simpit.

Re: VR and the new simpit

Posted: 27 Sep 2016, 11:50
I agree and that is what I am doing but I am only going to have stick/yoke and throttle. Flyinside is continuing to make improvements to leap motion but I think long term solution will be some form of glove with haptic feedback. Even though the resolution is just barely acceptable I can't go back to a monitor because the experience using VR is so overwhelmingly better.