Operation Bolero

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Operation Bolero

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Has anyone else out there tried Torben Schioler's Operation Bolero Boeing B-17 and Lockheed P-38 ferry flights from WWII USA bases to England? This program can be downloaded (freeware) from FlightSim.com. The file is bolerol.zip. This program will require Wings of Power B-17 as a minimum to start. Follow the instructions exactly and you should have no problems getting everything to work. This program is outstanding and allot of fun. The program uses the Wings of Power B-17 as AI aircraft and you can use any airplane you wish to fly with them in formation. I use my P-47 or P-51 to escort the bombers or if I feel like a bad guy I will make straffing runs on the B-17 with my ME109! There are also two English WWII airfields in the program which have B-17s sitting in their hard stands, and occasionally one will crank up and taxi out for takeoff. If you like formation flying this program could be for you. You will need some time and patients to install all the components but in the end it will be well worth it. I have made some nice screenshots using this program so give it a try.

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