WWII planes, bases, etc...

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WWII planes, bases, etc...

Post Point-man »

I was wondering if there is a site that is somewhat organized to find just WWII bases. I know that there are alot of them that are on certain sites but you have to look thourgh about 50 pages to find them because they are just thrown in with all the other addons.

I was wondering if I hosted and built a site just for this purpose if people would use it. What I would like a site that is very organized say with different catagories as the others but with say WWI, WWII, Korea. With the second stage set up the same way but for bases. I'm not super big into commercial planes except for every once in a while I like to fly the smaller planes. So in other words this would be a site for those listed above. This site would also be a place that doesn't require any type of donation to get a better membership.

What do you guys/gals think?

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Post robert41 »

I believe sim-outhouse has a very good selection of WW2 bases in their FS9 scenery catagory. This is the best place I can find those bases in one site. Your idea of a site for WW2 addons would be a great thing, but would require a lot of work- finding and organizing everything. Iam sure us WW2 flyers would appreciate such a site very much.

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Post Snuffy »

Here's a screen shot of my directory for add on airfields.

Most are Cees', Ian's, 3 are mine, and Deenethrope is Terror's.


Most all are found at S.O.

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WWII Bases

Post cflord »

Hey Point Man,

I think your idea of having a central site to download WWII airfields from is an excellant one. I currently fly my Wings of Power B-17, B-24, P-47, P-51, and Spitfire, along with my MAAM B-25, and C-47, and a freeware
P-38 and a Hawker Hurricane out of Deenethorpe, Bassingbourn, and Polebrook England. "One stop shopping" would be great! Torben Schioler's "Operation Bolero" file bolerol.zip (FlightSim.com) also uses some of these airfields to park AI versions of the Wings of Power B-17s. You can fly in formation with the B-17s which is allot of fun.

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Cliff, Ret SMSgt C-130 Flight Engineer :lol:

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