VIDEO: Cherokee - The Low Wing Wonder

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Lewis - A2A
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VIDEO: Cherokee - The Low Wing Wonder

Post Lewis - A2A »

Hello Everyone,

We are well underway with the Piper Cherokee and coming towards the close of Beta testing for the aircraft and also for the next Accu-sim core update. To start things off, here's a quick look at what it's like to fly the Piper Cherokee. Let us know what you think and any experiences you have with the low wing wonder.

[youtubehd1002 606][/youtubehd]

Lewis - A2A
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Eric Bakker
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Eric Bakker »

Very interesting video, thanks guys.
Also nice to see the first video images of the A2A Cherokee.
I am very much looking forward to it's release!
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post tbaac »

"towards the close of beta" = "out soon"?? :D

Thanks for the video, very interesting as usual.

No sims installed that run accusim at the moment though, waiting :a2awhite:
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post fxb7979 »

Very nice and informative, brilliant work A2A!

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post 1SgtMajor »

As Always Scott..........Really Great Stuff!!!!!!

Looking forward to ALL your projects. (smile)

Steve R.
SgtMajor, USMC (Retired)


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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Alfredson007 »

Great stuff, can't wait! I've always loved low wing airplanes in flight sim, they feel more like airplanes when you can see the wings all the time :)
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Molly - A2A
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Molly - A2A »

Hmmm... Anyone else wonder whose Bonanza model it was when comparing the wing styles? :mrgreen:

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Tiger_Walts »

Time to start saving up in FSEconomy. The IFR package for the RV-7 will have to wait.

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Raptor05121 »

Great work, guys! I simply cannot wait. I've already got a 50-state trip planned and shortly there-after, a round the world trip.

Heres to you making a 140/169 version in the future!

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post spacejunkee »

Another well made video A2A. Nicely done Scott.

Comanche is looking good.
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Al FR-153
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Al FR-153 »

Looks beautiful. Video is good too. :lol:
Al Heline

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post ToniH »

Another masterpiece coming from A2A simulations. Keep up the good work :)
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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Tyrion »

Nice video! Thanks for taking the time to make and share it with us.

When the Cherokee is released, is there any chance of a later-era PA-28 with a glass cockpit as a (paid) expansion?
I've flown (as a passenger/part-time "co-pilot") Piper Warriors in real life, both with steam gauges and glass cockpit. And although I prefer the 'look' of the steam gauges, especially in FS, in real life I prefer the glass cockpit.
Best regards,
Lars Domen

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post AKar »

Good stuff here! That's why the A2A is just about my only choice for these aircraft in FSX platform - this special attention you folks pay to recreate the actual aircraft in question, not just copy-paste with different 3D model because it might be thought that these are just another simple Piper Cessnas after another...

Now, about how you've featured it in the FSX... previews, damnit! :mrgreen:

Let me imagine what is impossible - and then do it.

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Re: Cherokee: The Low Wing Wonder

Post Dooga »

The right video at the right time!

Now I'm beginning to get impatient... ;-)

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