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Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 08:31
Scott - A2A
Accu-Sim Core Update Version 1.6

-This installer updates the Accu-Sim Spitfire I/II, P-40 Warhawk, P-51 Mustang Military, P-51 Mustang Civilian, and the C172 Trainer ONLY
-Automatically updates any previous version to the latest v.1.6
-This installer includes and supersedes all prior specific C172 Trainer updates (up to v.1.03).
-The Accu-Sim Piper J-3 Cub, P-47 Razorback, B-17 Flying Fortress, and the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser have their own dedicated update installers found HERE.

3rd Party Paints:
This core update will only overwrite your aircraft.cfg files if you do not have the latest changes (which means once updated, the update can be applied again later without losing 3rd party paints). Your existing aircraft.cfg files will be backed up into your [FSX Install] / A2A folder.

CHANGES from v.1.5.2 to v.1.6

- Faster FSX - Accu-Sim interface
- Corrected save file names for p3dv2
- Fixed brake pedal sound bug
- Exchanging air in the cabin evaporates more window fogging

- Removed 3rd tank preventing possible total fuel miscalculation bug
- Fixed differential brakes in the Spitfire to be proportional to rudder deflection

- Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

P-51 Civilian:
- Added 3d RXP GNS430 GPS
- Air vent is now proper when using the mouse wheel (was reversed)
- Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

P-51 Military:
- Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

C172 Trainer:
- C172 flood light fixed (both lights can turned on together).
- A completely blown crank can seize an engine
- Mechanical fuel pump output is smoother as RPM rises
- Fixed oil temp gauge where it was not tied to the electronics
- DME in RMT mode is more reliable (but may give slightly different readout than in FREQ/GST).
- Improved LCD background quality. Tweaked LCD colors.
- Added turn coordinator and artificial horizon warning flags
- Added compass correction texture
- Input Configurator: Flaps axis control
- Walkaround camera fix
- Fixed Heidi's arms on passenger seats
- Fixed bug that was sometimes not allowing water to flow properly from tank -> strainer -> engine
- Very slight chance of water in fuel when re-fueling
- Mixture lever now makes a sound at the ends like the throttle
- Changed DME audio logic
- DME audio button is disabled in modes other than RMT, or with avionics configuration without DME receiver
- Headphones are a bit more effective
- Faster engine cut out when pulling the mixture
- Minor EGT modeling changes
- Storing the pitot cover state
- Restored default landing lights (offer illuminated lights as an option since this was the primary cause of missing VC clickspots)
- VC lights texture fix
- 2D panels. Walkaround: pitot tube cover (included in CONTROLS 2d panel)
- Generator is more robust
- 2D panels. Controls. "Battery" is bright when the cockpit is dark
- Engine heater cable automatically detaches when planes moves or is in the air
- Fixed plaque on left wall
- Fixed annunciator panel glitch
- Vacuum pumps will last longer (typo)
- Fixed safety pins on the main wheel
- Slight reduction in yaw dampening (matched flight tests)
- New Illumination DLL. This one supports custom lightmaps in livery folder
- Fixed door hinges
- Avionics direct entry compatible with FSUIPC
- Stabilized AP Glideslope tracking
- Adjusted the draw on some electrical items
- Checklists noted and removed
- Elevator trim axis blocked when autopilot is on

* Special thanks to Erlk0enig for his time and expertise

Prior C172 Trainer Individual Updates (up to v.1.03) Included
Below is a changelog of the prior C172 Trainer updates included in this installer:

Fixes / Improvements
- Random missing VC Clickspot fix
- Adjusted rudder and toe brake coordination behavior. Flight tested against Cessna 172R N3535H.

New Features
- Simulated Elevator Force Slider
During development and through the heavy flight testing of the Cessna 172R, we started to identify differences between the actual yoke movements in the aircraft and how flight simmers interpret their own controller movements. Now with the masses weighing in, we've narrowed this down to two distinctly different camps defined as "Pressure flyers" and "Deflection flyers." Pressure flyers respond to stick spring pressure, while deflection flyers respond to stick deflection and this interpretation happens somewhere between the hand and the brain. My own personal experience on this is, I used to be a pressure flyer, but with the steady activity flying different aircraft types I've slowly become a deflection flyer. However, we've seen even active pilots that fly flight simulation, fall into either of these camps and anywhere in between. Here at A2A, we've always said "we believe in options." We always want the customer to be king in determining what is right for them and this is largely what this update has been about - our responding to customer needs and wishes. We think / hope we created a bridge for both camps and everyone in between, below.

There is a new slider in the lower left corner of the CONTROLS menu (SHIFT-3) called the "Simulated elevator force" slider (will be labelled later) which the user can adjust the elevator sensitivity based on the simulated forces on the yoke. A value of 0 is the current setup for deflection flyers, and pressure flyers can move the scalar up to fit their needs. This would give full elevator authority at slower speeds, yet allow those who find it too sensitive on their controllers to adjust to their personal preferences.

- New Accu-Sim Torque and P-factor Physics
We removed all FSX torque and p-factor and replaced it with new physics in Accu-Sim. This is an all-new system and is still in progress, but so far what we see is a significant improvement over what we've seen in FSX.

- Created elevator ground effect and additional physics
Accu-Sim models the forces of air over the elevator, allowing for fine control during landing flare and soft field operations. Try pulling the elevator back prior to your takeoff run and feel how the nose comes up earlier in your takeoff run.

- Brake axis and taxiing
Some have reported being "stuck" on the ground while taxiing on different surfaces. Our research and testing has determined that there isn't a single source to this, but several. One has been some controllers not fully releasing the brakes. Another is how FSX manages differential braking. We took Cessna 172R "35 Hotel" up twice since in recent days to dig deeper into this area, installing three cameras with one fixed on the rudder pedals. We then adjusted how the controllers interpret FSX and tuned accordingly.

Additional detailed change log

- Blocked mouse wheel on the radiostack and gps units
- Keyboard controls for ailerons, elevator, rudder
- Handling FSUIPC controls for flaps, starter, mixture and fuel selector
- Axis control for flaps

- The avionics electric power bool depends on the avionics bus voltage also. No power under 12V
- Switched GNS530 to the first COM
- Changed RXP avionics suite. Com2 instead of Com1, removed Com1 added DME to GNS 430 option
- Autopilot uses altimeter #2
- Autopilot REV mode fixed
- Tuned vertical autopilot to reduce occasional oscillations
- Fixed audio selector panel
- Darker default GPS screens

- Reduced the lateral weight of the passengers
- Massive plugs a little more resistant to fouling
- Few minor fixes on the textures
- Hypoxia moved 2k feet up (14.5k)
- Damaged vacuum pump now triggers "check engine"
- Slight CoG adjustments and Landing gear strut behavior changes (special thanks to Alex Metzger)
- More cockpit items and configurations saved with aircraft
- Fixed prop hub in VC view
- Reducing MP server flooding
- Fix to right door for SP2 users
- Fixed tooltip of left doors handle
- New landing lights beam logic
- Fixed altimeter pressure scale in hPa
- Faster Accu-Sim to FSX interface
- Maintenance hangar will give more detailed reports if fouled plugs are found
- pFactor and engine torque effect on airframe physics tuned (still in development)
- Smoother drag rumble with flaps (the sound represents a rumble felt in the seat)
- Ground thump volume reduced (taxiing over cracks and seams in the real C172 make very loud, audible thumps due to the main landing gear design. This is maintained and true in the simulator)
- Removed entry in panel.cfg that may have been contributing to missing VC clickspots and some loss of performance on some machines
- Thicker ADF needle
- Fixed text placement on the dash
- New light illumination dll for WinXP users
- Improved autopilot altitude control in low fps situations
- Reduced the number of axis events sent to the simulator
- We hope this fixes the elusive missing vc clickspots some are reporting.
- Increased modeling of pfactor. Should require moderate rudder on roll out, slight taps on takeoff run, slight pressure on a standard climb, increased pressure approaching a stall. Also reverse torque has been simulated. Try flying at a moderate speed, under 80kts ias, and cut the throttle. You should get a very slight roll to the right. The aircraft will always have a slight roll one way based on these power changes (watch how the ball moves). The only time the plane will fly neutral is during cruise operations (when the prop is neither pulling or pushing). The pfactor does pull more than it should while taxiing. This will be remedied in the next update.
- Specific testing and tuning of side forces in preparation for new bank indicator physics currently in development
- Fixed typo on the dash and RPM hour digits lightmap
- Slightly stronger thrust from the stalled prop
- Lowered the speed in which the drag sound from the flaps creeps in to match felt rumble in the C172R
- Fixed a bug that was causing issues from an abnormal AoA value happening when taxiing
- Should fix sticking toe brakes on all systems 100%

Prior Core Updates Included
Below is a changelog of the prior core updates included in this installer:

CHANGES from v.1.5.1 to v.1.5.2
All Core Aircraft
- Fixed minor bug in engine crankshaft and carburetor condition
- Reversed brakes on Spitfire
- Warbird engine fuel filter getting clogged has appropriate effect on engine

CHANGES from v.1.5 to v.1.5.1
All Core Aircraft
- New accu-sim dll for improved performance and fixes some crashes reported on a small percentage of systems
- Offset contrail effect further back to avoid being seen in cockpit

P-51 Civilian
- Radio channels are saved only when changed
- Tweaked LCD background
- Ailerons are back in action for the AP
- Fixed ADF channels save
- ATC ID for the "Moonbeam"
- Sunken tail wheel fixed
- Aileron animation is Multiplayer compatible
- Specular effects reduced on the radio displays
- Missing texture for the guarded switches

Summary of new features in Core Update v.1.5
- Airframe and engine physics tuned to give better feedback about how the engine is running and how the air is passing over the airframe
- New fuel burn coding now monitors more systems and air qualities, making for better simulated fuel consumption
- Various fixes and improvements after listening to our customers in our community (thank you to everyone who takes the time to tell us what you think)
- P-51 Military owners will see, from the cockpit, an improved main canopy frame and a re-designed upper nose area among other fixes and improvements
- P-40 owners get a new tailwheel and better tuned prop and flap drag curves
- Spitfire owners get a slightly more robust engine and those using the fixed pitch prop should see a longer engine life

Changes from v.1.4 to v.1.5
- Re-tuned airframe physics
- New fuel consumption code
- Cold start removes fuel from lines
- Engine state and hours won't be reset after update
- Mags more efficient for less RPM drop
- Battery charge now saved with the aircraft
- Batteries now charge fully in maint hangar (were receiving less than a full charge)
- Support for P-51 Modern / Civilian version
- Fixed an initialization bug with virgin flights
- Fixed bug in propeller drag physics

P-51 Military
- New thick canopy frame
- VC. Flatter nose area
- Clipboard now reads both nautical and statute miles
- Changed miles abbreviation from "m" to "sm" in pilot's notes
- Radiator more durable
- Adjusted fix in flight dynamics that was causing issues during slip maneuvers
- Tail wheel steering adjusted
- Original brakes for the military P51
- Aftercoolant bug fixed
- Battery amp hours increased from 34 (military Mustang) to 43
- Fuel burn changes
- Fixed bug in pilot's weight with cold and dark
- Added an X to close the radio control panel

- New tail wheel
- Reduced P-40 inertia starter torque
- AutoC&D doesn't reset set pilot's weight
- Tuned fuel consumption
- Added dedicated textures for the volumetric 3d landing light (was dependent on Spitire textures before)
- Tuned prop and flap drag for 25", full prop forward, -500ft/min, 110mph ias
- Improved texture lighting
- Fixed bug in elevator as seen from cockpit

- AutoC&D doesn't reset set pilot's weight.
- Tuned fuel flow
- Show Imperial and US units / mph / knots in clipboard
- Raised detonation ceiling for spitfires to help with takeoffs with fixed pitch prop
- Improved texture lighting

Changes from v.1.3 to v.1.4
- Engine hours and aircraft system states preserved (for those already on core update v.1.3)
- Fixed issue that caused one mag would sometimes not fire correctly
- Some changes to cabin humidity as cabin was fogging up during very humid days and rain

New features:
- Added Auto Cold & Dark option
- The pilot is removable
- Added engine hot metal cooling crack physics and sounds
- Added carburetor fuel return line (reserve tank)
- New temperature gauge physics in p-40

Improvements / Bug fixes:
- Increased aileron effectiveness at mid range speeds, reduced at high to match chart. Peak 95 deg sec at 270mph ias, 50 lb stick force.
- P-40 ram air / carb heat lever and logic fixed
- Brakes improvements

New features:
- Added Auto Cold & Dark option
- The pilot is removable
- Added engine hot metal cooling crack physics and sounds

Improvements / Bug fixes:
- Fixed Pneumatic pressure building after engine stops
- Increased pneumatic pressure useage with flap operation
- Direct drive electric starter torque increased

Improvements / Bug fixes
- Metallic material and texture improvements
- Minor fixes to some paint chips
- Shorter oxygen hose
- Increased aileron effectiveness slightly to match flight test. Peak 95 deg sec at 310mph ias, 50 lb stick force
- Fixed / improved some specular texturing
- Trim can be more finely tuned
- FSX external sound fix
- Added sounds to IFF panel, stores release, lower arming panel switches, and fuel selector switch
- Better tail wheel tire rotation
- Some shortcut fixes / improvements
- Lowered hydraulic pump output at lower RPM (fairing doors won't come up so fast)
- Made some edits that may help a few with aftercoolant running out
- Direct drive electric starter torque increased
- Brakes improvements

Changes from v.1.2 to v.1.3
- New oil system modeling. Based on A2A independent tests on live Merlin and Allison engines. Oil pressure is slower to rise, and pressures can be extremely high with cold oil. It is very important you observe oil temperature minimum temperatures before applying full power.
- Re-coded the magneto behavior on engine power
- Accu-Sim engine performance and drag envelopes better synched with FSX flight modeling
- Mach drag removed from FSX and fully controlled via Accu-Sim core
- Adjusted fuel starvation with clogged fuel filters
- Increased Co2 power for Spitfire emergency gear
- Wear power scalar to improve control over engine life for different engine types
- Some fuel system delivery tweaks, increased fuel pump output to avoid some pre-mature fuel starvation with very high power

- Sometimes moving to a new airfield from being in the air would result in the gear not being lowered.
- Reduced moisture put into the air by breathing

Changes from v.1.1 to v.1.2
- Re-designed hydraulics
- Reduced the speed of outside canopy fogging up
- Aircraft can be jacked up
- "Check engine" in mechanic's notes will be persistent and not disappear after you have checked the engine
- Updated spitfire configurator so shortcut works
- Re-tuned side forces in flight model
- Added fuel line size differences for each aircraft
- Battery charging is a consumer
- Fixed bug that may have been responsible for unrepariable hydraulic leaks
- Made adjustments to the detonation. It is more sensitive to higher CAT
- Spitfire has mechanical gear locks
- Radiator lever control works and sounds better when mapped to an axis
- Added additional fuel system modeling. Fuel first has to drop from tanks, then the fuel pumps need to pump and pressurize the system
- Gear repairs on ground puts plane on jacks and repairs
- Coolant consumption bug fixed
- Autostart primes fuel
- Engine heat damage after shutdown fixed (this was another bug)
- Humidity goes to 0 when air is freezing
- Battery doesn't drain when switch is off (Spitfire battery is always ON)
- Hydraulic pump failure fixed
- Smoother landing gear animation
- Random prop start position
- Engine wind-down friction tuned (9 sec for merlin to stop after mixture cut)
- Can now start engine on primer alone
- Code supports broken reduction gear (may not implement until P-51)
- Busted crankshaft will seize engine
- Fixed bug when touchdown sounds are heard in air under very high G load
- Fixed the way the engine sucks fuel into cylinders.
- Oil friction tuned
- Detonation system re-calibrated
- High speed shake support added with scalars for each plane
- Fixed engine popping
- Gear physics added. Gear is affected by weight and air forces. Gear locks up and down.
- Hydraulic hand pumps (spitI gear handle is a hyd hand pump) now uses pressure physics
- Improved gear system damage modeling. Gear locks can break and gear can jam
- Improved flaps damage modeling.

Changes from v.1.0 to v1.1
Changes affecting Spitfire MKI/II
- While Accu-Sim ignores the default FSX electrical system, we changed the FSX electrical system from 24v to 12v in aircraft.cfg for continuity
- New engine oil and coolant algorithms representing internal mass inertia and coolant flow passing through a large engine. This means the engine can be quicker to heat up and slower to cool down.
- MkI flaps warning says 160 MPH instead of 140 MPH
- MkII cockpit: flaps warning says 160 IAS; maximum speeds converted to MPH
- New trigger for the MkI
- Aircraft.cfg atc_type=Supermarine
- Added additional physics to airframe vibrations. Vibrations are both more precise and dynamic
- Slightly lowered shake effect on our manifold pressure gauge
- Engine fire logic re-coded. Engine fires start based on high temps, eng cyinder condition, and engine oil system condition (representing oil outside of engine)
- Engine oil consumption increased. Can be as high as 4gph with a very worn engine (past TBO), not including leaks
- Brighter, weathered windshield screws to match existing worn cockpit
- RPM value that was feeding to FSX was reversed on the 2-speed prop. Accu-Sim was compensating for this, so changes should not be very noticeable, but working numbers are more consistent
- Engine remembers if it was running before exit
- Elevator and rudder trimwheels animation: 4 turns for full work range
- Fuel tanks on spit upgraded to new standard, should scale accurately with pitch changes
- Fixed gear collapsing bug
- Radiator flap positions changed to: 1. Closed/guns warming, 2. Normal flight, 3. 1/4 open, 4. 2/4 open, 5. 3/4 open. 6. Fully open
- New, less bluish glass
- Fuel gauges tooltips don't read any value when buttons are not pressed
- Runway thumps
- Removed A2A_Spit.dll
- Fixed error with low RPM combustion firing
- New physical fuel pressure physics. You can see this at very low RPM (when engine is cranking or winding down)
- New supercharger code module (supports multiple stages, draw, efficiency, and efficiency changes with different air pressures). Simply allows Accu-Sim to better simulate supercharged performance in all air conditions
- Removed files from aircraft panel folder that were moved to central folder
- Excessive bearing wear on startup and shutdown fixed
- Adjusted fuel delivery impact on engine combustion
- Smoother prop sounds for startup and shutdown when canopy is opened
- New "plastic" seat for the MkII
- Coolant overtemp relief valve blows roughly 1/10 gal per min
- Some texture and bump improvements
- Come copper internal components replaced with brass
- Removed default fuel pump sounds from spitfire sound.cfg's

- Multiplayer propeller visibility and rotation issue
- Landing flaps animation should be visible in MP
- Possible fix for the trolley and wheel chocks MP visibility issue.
- Disabled and renamed cartridge starter visual effect due to multiplayer error

Changes only affecting other aircraft in development
- Electrical system standardized to support all aircraft
- Electrical prop system added (P-40 Curtiss Electric prop)
- Electric prop does not draw electricity when at the stops
- Added drag system to P-40
- Fixed an issue with the wobble pump and fuel pressure
- Electrical voltage outputs set for each aircraft
- Initial P-51 cockpit sounds added (P-51)
- Fuel sloshing physics
- RPMGaugeSwayPhysics customizable for each aircraft
- Completed hydraulic system including actuator support for drooping gear doors in P-51
- New ground bump physics added
- RAM air and Carb heat systems implemented
- Engine piston suction bug fixed
- Oil dilution support added
- Inertia starter support (P-40)
- Manifold Pressure Regulator support (P-51)
- Oil cooler flaps (P-51)
- Automatic coolant and oil cooling systems (P-51)
- Electric fuel primer support (P-51)
- Hydraulic and Pneumatic brakes, flaps, and gear system support
- Initial turbo-jet engine physics modeling and sound module added (F-104)
- Manual wobble pump support (P-40)


Always install the core latest update LAST

1. Aircraft
2. Accu-Sim
3. Accu-Sim CORE update


Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 11:52
Very Nice Job guys.. all new little details on the C172 great love it.

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 12:21
Excellent work from all the team at A2A - many thanks guys.

One minor detail: in the C-172R updated aircraft.cfg there is a new entry which says [accusim] version = 1.5.3
I'm guessing at some point in the process it was decided this was a big enough update to call it 1.6?

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 12:41
Scott - A2A
The installer in beta went all the way to v.1.5.9. That number is only for the installer, marking the point at which the aircraft.cfg file was last changed.


Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 14:37
Just to mention (as I don't see a direct reference in the note above) the update includes an option to update a P3D V2 installation - thanks for this A2A! This is the only bird I fly in P3D V2 at the moment and works great.


Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 14:59
My DME now works! Hopefully it stays this way...

I thought that there was a bug when my airspeed didn't work...then I realized I forgot to take of the pitot cover!! :roll:

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:07
Works great!

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:35
Scott - A2A wrote: - Restored default landing lights (offer illuminated lights as an option since this was the primary cause of missing VC clickspots)
I'm given this option in the installation wizard. Will I have the ability to change this setting somehow after installation?

BTW, thanks for the update. :)

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:38
Lewis - A2A
BPL wrote:
Scott - A2A wrote: - Restored default landing lights (offer illuminated lights as an option since this was the primary cause of missing VC clickspots)
I'm given this option in the installation wizard. Will I have the ability to change this setting somehow after installation?

BTW, thanks for the update. :)
You can re-run the core update installation to change this. We recommend going with the standard 3d lights as used in our other Accu-sim aircraft as the illuminated lights after careful testing with the great help of the community where the direct cause of the click spot issue.

Lewis - A2A

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:41
For some reason on both my FSX and P3D2 systems, the installer does NOT see the P-51 Mil and Civ and says they are not installed. Yet when I start the sim and go into the a/c and shift 7 - the maint hangar opens.


So have I updated to 1.6 or not?



Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:51
Scott - A2A
Make sure you have the Accu-Sim manual here:
[FSX INSTALL DIR] \ A2A \ P51 \ P-51_Accusim_Manual.pdf


Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:56
Hmm - must have screwed up somewhere - have the wop_p-51_Manual but not Accusim.

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:57
Scott - A2A
I would install Accu-Sim again just to be sure. Scott.

Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 15:59
Rgr - so reinstall Accusim and then the 1.6 or incremental?



Re: Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.6 (includes the C172 Trainer)

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 16:03
Scott - A2A
Just re-install the P-51 Accu-Sim and the core update v.1.6.