next WoS project + FS2Crew => AWESOME

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next WoS project + FS2Crew => AWESOME

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I was just thinking, did you guys ever consider talking to the FS2Crew developers about cooperating on a project?

For planes like the B17 and B377 it would have been nice, talking to the crew to get them to do things for you.

Maybe you could make this possible with the next WoS propliner. It's not that difficult flying those big machines on your own, once you "get to know them", but adding the Multicrew experience FS2Crew provides is the next logical step in my oppinion. I just love the additional workload of having to talk to the copilot to get through checklists and preparations, while at the same time talking to ATC on VATSIM. Adding the flight engineer would make this even more immersing, as you have much more to do that way!

I'd love to hear that you consider it a possibility for one of the next projects,


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