USAF experimental test flights

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USAF experimental test flights

Post Paughco »

Dunno about you guys, but I really like the F-90.



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Re: USAF experimental test flights

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Very cool stuff, I love this era of experimental aviation. Here in the UK at the RAF Cosford IWM museum site (Where the last few flightsim shows have been held) are a collection of the most amazing aircraft some from this era and later in the experimental stage of jet and fast performance aircraft, aircraft such as the Bristol 188 are stunning to see in person.

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Re: USAF experimental test flights

Post ClipperLuna »

Neat video, Paughco, thanks! I like the way the whole tail moves on the XF-90. I'm assuming that's for trimming?

I've sometimes asked myself, if I could go back and relive one moment or period in aeronautical history, what would it be. I think this early jet period of the late 40s and early-mid 50s would be it, with the Berlin Airlift a close second.

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