Firepower won't instal ('corruption detected')

FirePower for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3
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Firepower won't instal ('corruption detected')

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I have four installs of CFS3. One is mostly stock, but with the Abacus Mosquito add-on and the Just Flight Memphis Belle add-on installed. I just ran the updater for the latter so it doesn't conflict with Firepower.

However, when I try to install Firepower - this is the Shockwave-GMX Media CD - installation to that cFS3 install stops after I've selected the desired CFS3 installation, with the error message 'File corruption is found in your CFS3 directory. Please re-install CFS3, then install Firepower.'

I had all these addons - Mosquito Combat, Memphis Belle & Firepower - running on my one and only CFS3 install in XP about ten years ago, albeit I'm not sure in what order they were installed.

Any suggestions welcomed! I'd prefer not to have to start with another CFS3 install just so I can add Firepower first .

EDIT - re-posted in the FP tech support forum here
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