P-47 in FSX

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P-47 in FSX

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I have not seen this question previously: Are there plans for Shockwave to release a FSX version of the WoP P-47 (or Fw-190 for that matter)? Porting over my present fs9 version results in an unusable VC cockpit, although everything else looks reasonably good.

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Now things are settling down a bit, we're talking about how we can make this happen with the least fuss for our customers.

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I just got FSX.

I really want more Thunderbolts for FSX.
I like Thunderbolts! (Click on "Photos")

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If you don't know already the Aircraft power pack 2 is out in stores and has the P-47 as well as the P-40,the Spitfire,the BF109 in 2 flavors,the P-51 and a Jap zero all for FSX.It is a wonderful package,I highly suggest it.

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