WWII P47 video clips

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WWII P47 video clips

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http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4023128830

I like the start up procedure.

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Good film.

I especially liked the sounds as well as some of the damage shots toward the end of the film.

Good find.

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P47 Movie

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Thanks for the link to a great P-47 movie. I intend to share this link with my fellow aviators at work.

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This is wonderful color footage. I'm sure some of the flying sequences had dubbed sound effects, though.
I have never been a big fan of the P47, but since I have spent a few months with the Shockwave P47, I now love this airplane. When I go to the bookstore, I look for P47 books.
FSX is coming out soon, and I'm hoping I can fly my Shockwave P47 in that version. Plus the P51 and bombers. I've spent alot of money on other popular add ons, but these are always the most enjoyable.
The P47 is a man's airplane.

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