Important things to know about your WoP P47

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Important things to know about your WoP P47

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Important things to know about your Wings of Power P47
· Shift-D releases drop tanks (can be clicked via mouse in VC)
· Shift-W drops bomb (can be clicked via mouse in VC)
· Keep the aircraft idling at 800RPM or higher to avoid fouling up the plugs
· You will need to hold your brakes on to prevent the aircraft from moving at idle due to the torque
· Do not apply full power with wheel brakes on or the aircraft my nose over, especially the XP72
· The P47 is a heavy plane that requires a lot of runway to get airborne. Let the aircraft build plenty of speed before gently lifting off
· Make sure the airplane is below the recommended flap and landing gear safe extension speed before deploying flaps or gear
· Notice the added realism of the turbo speed light and the animated oxygen gauges
· Your aircraft is equipped with realistic fuel loads as well as many other loads including the pilot, guns, ammo, oil tank, oxygen, pyrotechnics, bombs, etc.
· Use the “i” key for natural engine smoke. The effect is very subtle but is toggled for your convenience as some like a clean burning engine and others like a little bit of engine smoke.
· On landing, raise your flaps once you touch down to settle the aircraft, pull back on the stick for additional elevator braking while you use your wheel brakes.
· Be careful with high-speed dives, as you can lose control of your aircraft if you exceed the maximum allowable speed.

If your drop tanks and / or bombs are not dropping:
Find, assign and use following commands from key mapping:
Water Rudder - for bombs (I suggest Shift+W)
Release all drop tanks - for tanks (I suggest Shift+D)
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