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Re: Shockwaves market....

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Jib01 wrote:Scott,

This is Shockwaves market. Continue to develop planes like the P-51, FW-190 and P47 and they will sell. We all know the quality of your product and will always come back for more. The games are nice but aircraft addons are your niche. Hope to see more in the future. How about a good F4F or a really good SNJ. No one has a good SNJ and everyone loves to fly those. How about it ?

I think Aeroworx already has that nailed down. I have seen alot of photos of this thing. It will be very hard to surpass honestly. Not putting you guys down at Shockwave, but I think it would be just pointless. Plus, the SNJ was a trainer, not a fighting bird. Yes you could say a Zero, but its not an SNJ totally :P A nice F4 would be great though :O

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Alphasim already has a very nice F4 and so does Kaz Ito and one other Japanese artist. We have plenty of F4's. I'll check out Aeroworx because for all these years there is not one good SNJ. Lots of models, skins but no real good VC and sounds....

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Cloud9 was/is building an F-4 also.

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Those are the F4 Phantoms guys, hes talking about the F4F Wildcat...
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Just want to ask are there any re-paints out there for the WOP XP-72 Ultrabolt.

If there are any where can i find them?.I don't have any paints for it yet.



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