My P-47N manual from Essco arrived today

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My P-47N manual from Essco arrived today

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I ordered this P-47N Pilot's Flight Operating Notes from Essco last weekend:Link

As you can see, the details about the product are somewhat vague including number of pages. I haven't found an alternative source for this document so I decided to order the print version even though I prefer color scans.

The manual arrived in a ridiculously oversized brown cardboard box, at least three inches thick, sealed tightly with packing tape. The manual itself is a total of 36 numbered pages so in reality it is 23 sheets of bond paper sandwiched between two sheets of thin yellow cardstock. All of the pages are reproduced in black-and-white only. The booklet was wrapped in plastic wrap. The extra space in the mailing box was filled with crumpled paper. The manual arrived completely undamaged.

My primary concern was how well the original illustrations were preserved. The print quality is a bit more contrasty than the example page at the product's website. I am a bit disappointed that the photographs all have a slight halftone or cross-hatch pattern throughout them. The photos are of reasonable clarity but some of the fine details are lost or look pixelated. Overall, the quality of the photos is acceptable but I think they could have been rendered a little better.

The text itself is clear and easy to read. The pages are centered and free of distortions; in general the booklet is a good facsimile of a mint condition original document. The operating charts, tables and curves in the appendix are very legible.

Anyhow, I thought I'd post this mini-review in case anybody else is considering getting manuals from this company.
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