trying again

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trying again

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Hello everyone,
Its been a while since I've given BoB a shot, and since there were new patches out I thought I would give it a go. However most of the old problems are still there and there is a new one as well. I cannot get the throtle to my X52 to work with BoB. Anyone know if there is a fix for this or where in the control list it is?

Also is the issue with the emeny AI planes going from normal to warp 2.8 going to ever be fixed? I also still have the problem of the planes disappering while being shot at by me or flak. Once the get out from behind the flak they come back.

Now this next question is not really a question but more poking fun. How is it that when you get a wing blown off you just glide to earth and boom. No rolling, no anything.?

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Your last issue is dealt with in 2.07, coming soon; or, you can try the latest beta in any of several other threads here (on the General Forum). I think we're up to 2.07-43 or -44

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Hi Point-man, wecome back to BOBII for another try.

I have no idea what version you are running from your note. We do not have a issue with assigning the throttle on a X52. We have many X52 customers so maybe they can offer specific help on you stick.

Here is a info summary for configuring your stick by CP_Bomber:

This is where you can assign the main joystick axis.
Left click on the required axis under the "assign axis" list. The axis should be highlighted red. The move the required axis in it's full range of motion and it should be recognised.

1)If you make a mistake with the axis assignment, highlight the one you want to undo then click on "clear" to return to it's default setting.

2)Repeat until all main axis have been assigned to your liking.
Once complete, click on CONTINUE (top right of screen). And when asked if you want your changes saved, click on YES.

3)IMPORTANT. Now, exit the game back to desktop, then restart it. The game does not permanently keep any changes or settings unless it has been quit & restarted.

4)Go back to controllers, then click on KEYMAPPING.

5)Scroll through the list, and left click with the mouse once to highlight the current button/key assign to the control of your choice. At the bottom, a message will appear:

"polling input devices.. please press the button you want to map, or the "cancel" button to stop polling. Press "clear" button to remove a mapping."

When you press the required stick button or key, this should be recognised and listed by the function you wanted to remap.

Repeat for all commands required. NOTE: you "must hit save in the lower left corner or your keys will not be saved.

More info is in the user's manual (for 2.06 located in the BOBII folder in the Docs folder, see "Controls".

You other issues have been addressed. You can get the SW BDG_2.07-43 on the 2.07 News thread toward the end. I recommend you give it a try.

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