Windows 11 and BOB2

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Windows 11 and BOB2

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I have just purchased a new copy of BOB2,[Order #553295] (May 26, 2022), the simulation seemed to install without trouble, but in attempting to run the program it immediately crashes to desk top.
Has anyone else experienced this? I am running on Windows 11 using DirectX 12. Will there be action on this problem or have I wasted my money?
Regards chasd.

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Re: Windows 11 and BOB2

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Hi Chasd,

I am nothing to do with A2A, I'm just someone who has played BoB ever since it came out (& BoB before that!). I periodically view the BoB2 forum pages & happened upon your message.

I'm not a W11 user, I use W10. I am aware that there are issues with W11 as there are with W10.

A user called Felizpe did some fantasic work to enable BoB2, including its campaign to run (albeit not with the most recent patches) in W10. (There is a thread on this in the General Discussions page). I am not aware that anyone has had success in a workaround for W11. The following thread is the best I can find: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=72623

As far as I am aware, A2A has not supported the development of BoB2 for some time. Mods and improvements have been made by various people over the years from within the BoB2 community. However, the passage of time has ensured that there is very little activity as evidenced by the lack of recent posts on the BoB2 pages.

You might want to contact A2A directly as your message on this forum may not be picked up by them.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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