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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:21 pm 

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Hi all, running out of space on my C: drive - can i move my BoB install (Win 7 64) form C: to D: without having to reinstall from scratch?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:14 am 
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I must admit, I don't know, though it's pretty painless to reinstall.
I may have known this at one time, but have forgotten. There are
registry entries which must be present, but I've forgotten the details.

I would go about it this way: first, I would use a registry checker
to see what registry items are listed (it's been many years, I
don't remember the details, but something like CCleaner and read
the instructions before use (or windows regedit)), search for anything
with "Rowan" or "A2A" or "Battle of Britain", and see if an entry comes up
which names the program and the drive (C:\). If not, you're probably clear,
and can copy the program folder tree to the root level of the other drive
(don't delete the original yet, just rename its root folder to hide it so it
can't be used inadvertently), then edit any launch icon pointers to the new
location, and check if that works. If that succeeds you can presumably then
delete the original folder tree, and you're good.

If the registry shows anything like "C:\Battle of Britain", you could edit
the entry to your new drive name before doing the swap as described above.
Can't remember if anything other than regedit can do the edit, but it's
pretty straightforward, just be prepared to wait a bit while regedit does its
search routine.

If neither of these work, you can just first make a copy of the original program
tree to the new drive, disguising the root folder name as described above, then
uninstall BoB2 (which will probably remove the old registry entries). Then do a
new install from your CD or download, specifying install to the new drive. This will
get you the correct registry entries, overwriting the old ones if the uninstall didn't
remove them properly (which apparently often happens, thus the reason for CCleaner
to exist). When that install is successful (test fly to make sure), you can
copy your whole saved program tree, including the root files, over the new install
(but keeping the root folder name used for the new install), and you should have a
working version on your new drive which is the exact version you were running before
the swap, with all your settings and customizations intact.

Having confirmed that, delete your disguised copy on the new drive, and you're done.
This is pretty certain to work, and doesn't take a lot of effort, so if you're sufficiently
energetic you could just go directly to this route, however I suppose if one of the
previous methods work it will take a bit less time and effort.

...I do remember that at one time, there were some bits that got written to the
Program Files [or possibly Program Files x86]\Common Files\ subfolder, but we got
rid of those for 2.12 or 2.13, so they should be gone. If you are running one of those
versions, you should be able to get rid of anything BoBish you might find in that location
to gain yourself a bit more room on C:

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