Accu-Sim Comanche 250 for MSFS | Frequently Asked Questions

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Accu-Sim Comanche 250 for MSFS | Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Does the installer in the store install the latest version of the Comanche?
    Yes, the installer you download from the A2A store will install the most recent version of the product.
  2. Where's the updater?
    There's a shortcut to the updater in the "A2A Simulations" folder in the Windows start menu. This provides a way to update the aircraft without having to redownload a new copy of the installer.
  3. I'm getting an "error getting file security" message on trying to install an update to the Comanche!
    Please follow the advice here. The basic workaround is to FIRST uninstall using the windows add/remove programs menu (do not skip this step), then manually delete the "a2a-aircraft-pa24" directory from your community folder, and then reinstall with the new installer from your account on the store.

  1. Why’s there no sound at startup?
    When you load the Comanche, various elements of Accu-Sim are initialised in sequence. The sounds will fade in towards the end of this process, after around ten seconds.
  2. Why doesn’t the MSFS headphone simulation work?
    Because of the external sound engine mentioned above, the default MSFS headphone simulation isn’t supported. However, don’t worry as Accu-Sim includes its own active noise reduction headphone simulation which can be enabled via click the headphone jack in the cockpit. Active noise cancelling mode is toggled by clicking the button on the headphone cable.

  1. Help, there’s a red message on the tablet “Initialisation Failure” and nothing works!
    This message usually indicates the SimConnect connection to Accu-Sim was lost on loading. This should happen very rarely but reloading the aircraft many times may be one cause. If you do see this message, please try reloading the flight. If this doesn’t work, please exit and relaunch Microsoft Flight Simulator itself.
  2. Why can’t I click anything on the tablet?
    Another issue we've discovered in the first day since release is an apparent conflict with the B78XH (B787-10 Heavy) add-on. If you have the "B78XH-main" folder in your community folder, we recommend removing it to fly the Comanche. Update: this issue should be resolved with v1.1 of the Comanche.

  1. I can't steer the aircraft on the ground!
    If you're using a physical rudder axis, please make sure "auto-rudder" is not set to "on" in the MSFS assistance options. If you don't have a rudder control, switching this option on will allow you to steer on the ground with the yoke. For the best experience though, we recommend using rudder pedals.
  2. The parking brake doesn’t seem to work
    If the “realistic parking brake” option is enabled on the controls page of the tablet, you’ll have to depress the toe brakes before you can pull the parking brake “T” handle. (In the real aircraft, a safety lock is incorporated into the system to physically prevent you from pulling out this handle until pressure is applied by use of the toe brakes.)

  1. I can’t start the engine
    You will need to make sure the throttle is opened slightly before engaging the starter. Depending on conditions, instead of using the primer, you can pump the throttle when starting. More guidance on engine starting is provided in the pilot’s operating handbook.
  2. Why can’t I change the fuel quantity in the default weight and balance menu?
    Accu-Sim includes an external simulation of the Lycoming O-540 engine and its fuel system, including removable tip tanks. For the reason, the default fuel system isn’t supported, and you must use the fuel/payload page of the tablet to add or remove fuel, passengers, and baggage.
  3. Why can't I drain fuel from the central sump?
    It's probably because both of the fuel tank selector valves on the cockpit floor are still in the "off" position.
  4. Help, I’m gradually losing power in flight!
    If you experience a gradual loss of power in flight, the first thing to do is to apply full carb heat and leave it there for a while. Remember that carb icing isn’t like structural icing: warm air will drop in temperature as fuel evaporates into the carburettor, and if this air contains moisture, this can freeze inside the venturi, and start choking the engine. The engine analyser in the tablet will show you the carburettor air temperature (CAT) and if ice is present.
  5. Why isn’t the engine running when I load on the runway?
    See the question above. If you’ve switched on “cockpit persistence” the engine’s state will be as you left it during your previous sim session. The engine may also stop after loading if your mixture control is set to idle cutoff or if the spark plugs are heavily fouled. Or if it’s damaged, in which case you can fix it via the tablet.
  6. Switching the magneto key on my hardware is triggering the starter
    If you updated to version 1.2 of the Comanche early on, you may encounter this bug when using a hardware magneto switch. If you do, please use the updated accusim.wasm file provided in the post here by 'some1 - A2A'. If you prefer, you can redownload the installer.

  1. A system in the cockpit isn’t working
    The Comanche includes functional circuit breakers (CBs) which are located on the underside of the instrument panel, along with a couple next to the primer. If any of the electrical systems in the cockpit aren’t working as expected when battery power is applied, check the associated CB. Because they’re a little hard to see in the virtual cockpit we also show the status of the CBs on the electrical page of the tablet.
    The individual radios have their own power switches, so don’t forget to check those too.
  2. Why can’t I hear a morse ident tone from the NAV radios?
    For NAV ident on the Narco radio sets, you'll have to pull the IDENT knob out too. You can use the middle mouse button for this if you use the default 'lock' cockpit interaction mode. If you already have something else bound to this button, left click and hold and then middle click should work.
  3. Why can’t I press the IDENT button on the transponder?
    The left click-and-grab action here is reserved to rotate this button to dim the light; a right click presses it to ident.
  4. Why don’t the GTN 750 or GTN 750Xi GPS units power up?
    These options are to support the third-party PMS GTN 750 and TDS GTN 750Xi simulations which must be installed in MSFS before you can use them in the Comanche.
  5. The gear indicator lamps don’t seem to be working
    One design ‘feature’ of the Comanche is that the gear indicator lamps are dimmed greatly when the nav lights are switched on. This is because the 1950s assumption was that you’d only want the nav lights on at night, so dimming the indicator lamps would prevent distracting glare in the darkened cockpit. Trouble is, it makes them hard to see if you use the nav lights in daytime.
  6. Why aren’t my cockpit control positions remembered?
    By default, the “cockpit persistence” option on the controls page of the tablet is switched off. With this option disabled, the plane will always be configured for take-off if you load on the runway, and it will be cold and dark if you load at a parking spot. If you prefer all system and cockpit controls to remain exactly as you left them, please enable the “cockpit persistence” option.
  7. How do I control the spotlight on the ceiling?
    The Type C-4A cockpit light has quite a few functions. Bulb dimming is adjusted with the rotating bezel at the rear of the lamp body which is a bit tricky to ‘grab’ in the simulator. Therefore, we’ve created an additional click spot for this action using the lamp bracket.
    The left click-and-drag action on the lamp body controls its direction and a right click switches between white and red filter modes (again, the small switch on the far side of the lamp is tricky to reach directly in the sim). The front rotating bezel adjust the light beam angle from narrow to wide.
    Alternatively, you can use the controls page of the pilot’s tablet to adjust these functions.

  1. Where’s the manual?
    When you install the Comanche 250, a shortcut to the manual is placed in the “A2A Simulations” folder in the Windows start menu.
  2. Where are the checklists?
    For a more realistic and immersive experience, we’ve presented the checklists in the virtual cockpit on the flight info page of the tablet.
  3. How do I remove the pilot from the plane?
    Open the cabin door and click the black non-slip walkway on the wing.
  4. But I can’t open the door!
    It’s a two-part process: first unlock the latch at the top of the door by rotating it forward, and then use the handle below the window. Bear in mind that if the engine is running, the prop wash will push the door closed.
  5. Where are the files saved which store the Comanche's persistent state?
    For an MS Store install the *.dat files files are saved here, along with recent backups in the "DATBackups" subfolder:

    Code: Select all

    For Steam the path is:

    Code: Select all

    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\LocalState\packages\a2a-aircraft-pa24\work
  6. Is there a list of cockpit variables?
    Yes, we've published a list of L:Vars here for cockpit builders and those who wish to create more advanced hardware assignments.
  7. I downloaded the Comanche from the in-game Marketplace, where's the Input Configurator?
    The input configurator isn't included with the Marketplace release due to restrictions on packaging executable files, but we've made it available for download at the link below. Simply download and extract to the chosen location on your PC, and the run the configurator. It should find your installation of the Comanche. ...

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