FW 190 Footstep

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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FW 190 Footstep

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I have not seen it mentioned on this forum.

The FW 109 was too high to be able to step onto the wing to enter the cockpit but one would step onto to exit the plane.
On the left side near the wing was a button, surrounded by a black square, and pushing it released a step low enough to step into and then onto the wing. Remember this working on the plane.

I spend some time in 1943 as Luftwaffe mechanic patching bullet holes in the repair station near Munich Germany.
We heated the Dural Aluminum rivets with a blowtourch and when a small stick of wood would scribe a black mark on it we knew they were soft for some hours after pouring water on it.
Patching way back in the tail end too small to crawl into I would press my finger on the done riveting and could tell if they riveted correctly.
The repair station was actually a tech school but I was a yourneyman Metal Aircraft builder having spend some years in apprenticeship so I did not have to be schooled and finally from there went to pilot school.

Just thinking of old times.
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Thanks for the input.

It is always interesting to heard from someone who worked and flew this planes

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