FW-190D update v1.2 won't install

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FW-190D update v1.2 won't install

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I have a new laptop with a fresh FS9 install. Put in my back-up WoP's FW-190D's. Tried to install update v1.2. All I get is a message about a corrupted FS9 and that I should go to the forum. So here I am.

Any suggestions??

Regards, hertzie

PS: so far I have only installed the J-3 and tried to install the 190. Wonder what will happen with my B-17, P-51, Spitfire, 109, P-47, Pregnant Guppy etc.......

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Re: FW-190D update v1.2 won't install

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The v.1.2 update looks for the following files to confirm the FW190 is installed:
- fs9.exe
- aircraft\WoP_Fw190A4w\aircraft.cfg
- aircraft\WoP_Fw190A9\texture\Fw190_c3.bmp

If it cannot find these files, the message you mentioned will appear.

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Re: FW-190D update v1.2 won't install

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Check the patches here...

The Fw190D 'Longnose' series gets the 1.01 patch. I think you're using the patch for the Fw190A 'Butcher Bird' series.
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