Butcher Bird FW190

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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Butcher Bird FW190

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Hi !
I am a new user of the FW190 and Mustangs from WOP.
They both are looking perfektly .
But ...... thr isno way to fly them perfecly !?
I am a FS user sinc more thn 10 years and i am working on a real private user licence , so ... i kwow what I say,--- these airtcrafts are going down like stones ,when I am triing to make a loop or a simmilar dificult manouver . They alays stall !!
I try to make a loop in higher level , by high speed ,,----- the same.
Taking off is not a big problem , flying ahead no prob. --- but loops ect..-----NO WAY !!!
What did I wrong ?????????????? :( :( :( :( :(

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Just get altitude, dive, and pull back gently on the stick. Both planes will loop w/o issue. Just don't pull the stick back so far that you push it into an acellerated stall.

Also, make sure your FM is on HARD. WoP doesn't support any other modes.

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Loop (any plane)

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Also dont forget to push the stick forward a bit on top of the loop.
Our lnstructor was hard on those making the loop into and egg looking display in 1944 Luftwaffe pilot school.
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