Wings of Power: Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird” MOVIE RELEASE

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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Wings of Power: Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird” MOVIE RELEASE

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Wings of Power: Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird” MOVIE RELEASED

Farmington, CT USA July 27th, 2005 – Shockwave Productions has released their first in-game MOVIE of the latest Wings of Power aircraft, the Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird” for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004®.

“The movie includes amazing in-cockpit footage using the latest TrackIR 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) from NaturalPoint. This movie also helps to demonstrate Absolute realism in the way the Focke Wulf functions, looks, sounds, and how it behaves. One of the most amazing things we experienced when making this movie is the way this aircraft responds to all sorts of flying conditions. As with the Wings of Power P51 Mustang, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers, especially from our growing network of pilots,” said Tim Gallagher of Shockwave Productions Inc.

Movie Intro:
Troubling reports began that the Germans are about to introduce
a new super fighter and station it just across the English Channel.
One report indicates the new fighter to have a top speed of 390mph,
which if is true, would make it faster than the Spitfire. Needless to say,
this had British high command gravely concerned.

RAF pilot’s began to encounter this new fighter and described it as
being fast and maneuvered unlike anything they've ever seen before.
The first contacts misreported it as being a German captured P36
with a radial engine, but top RAF officials knew this was nothing
they produced; it was the mysterious new super fighter they have
been hearing so much about. What they didn’t know was just
how much of a shock the FW190 had in store for them.

Encounters over the coming months proved that this new
German fighter could not only penetrate British airspace at will,
but could cut their fighters down with a brutal efficiency.

This reputation gave the Focke-Wulf the title, “Butcher Bird.”

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