We need this for pure FSX

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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We need this for pure FSX

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Any plans for building a new model (A4s and A9s are always good!)????? Seems like the trend is to opt for a full rebuild so just name your price and we will gladly pay!!! After all, you can't have an updated Mustang and Thunderbolt in all their FSX glory without this legendary adversary.

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Re: We need this for pure FSX

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Well, we need to finish what is directly in front of us with the accusim expansion packs, then anything is possible.

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Re: We need this for pure FSX

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hi.....i just saw the fw190 that someone else has come out with...as nice as it is, i really enjoyed the textures on your aircraft.....maybe my eyes are cufuddled, but i like yours better....and i'm patiently waiting for your fsx upgrade....even a temp upgrade would be nice......cheers, vic

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