Do you want a FW190 sim? Do you have 35k Euro?

The most maneuverable WWII aircraft in history
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Do you want a FW190 sim? Do you have 35k Euro?

Post Osram »

If so, then this could be of interest to you:

After the German paragraph there is an English one, which I will copy here:
After long-standing construction time and an investment of about 4000 working hours I offer the full-functioning FockeWulf simulator for sale. For health reasons I cannot continue the project any more. Offers from 35,000 euros are taken into consideration. With this sum I would offer to the new buyer one more desirable spraying. Inspection is possible any time in NRW Blomberg. Offers to [email protected].
We will not take into consideration fun-offers below the sum on top. If no buyer is found within 3 months, I will allow to auction the FW190 for a good purpose by official auctioneers.
I have once met the creator in RL, but am not involved in the sim.

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Post Boandlgramer »

Yes indeed very well done.
Huch, but for that money, even built as real as possible. A bit overdone IMHO.
However i wish them luck .
We build cockpits for about 2400 € ( pic below) and it isn´t easy to sell them , because most people don´t want or are not able to spend so much money for this wonderful :wink: hobby 8) .


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