V tail Bonanza

The world's most famous high performance general aviation aircraft
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V tail Bonanza

Post seejay »

I was going to get that A/C. but with the exchange its just too expensive. We'll wait for a sale, maybe.

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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post Molly - A2A »

seejay wrote:I was going to get that A/C. but with the exchange its just too expensive. We'll wait for a sale, maybe.
Hi seejay,

I see you've been on the forum for a very long time. :D Just thought I'd let you know that if you've purchased products from the A2A store in the past, you'll have earned "Flying Hours" in the new store, which can be used towards new purchases.

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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post THibben »

I had enough Flying Hours saved, the Bonanza only cost $15.99. I bought it instantly...grin


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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post 1SgtMajor »

RATS!!!!! I was so excited to grab the plane....I didn't even check the points!!

Oh well......I'll add these points to the existing points.....should make the next purchase much cheaper.(smile)

Steve R.
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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post MatzeH84 »

Same here.. 13€, what a nice surprise! And a great gesture for loyal customers.

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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post Scott - A2A »

Well, these deep discounts were all due to Lewis's extremely hard work manually moving all of our customers from the old store in the new one, and awarding these credits for past purchases.

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Re: V tail Bonanza

Post lknfly »

I just bought the A2A Bonanza I didn't know that I had "flying hours"!

Unfortunately all my A2A hangar were purchased from simxxxxx as the J3 Cub, PA 47, Stratocruiser, B17, Commanche 250, C172, C182, and the T6 Texan...

but on the other hand GOOD to know for my next purchase which will be the Spitfire PV4 (already have the FSX one).

I recently bought the Connie and today the Bonanza on the official A2A plateform, that is the only ones I purchased on the official A2A site so that the Spitfire P3D V4 version will cost me only $27 with my "Flying Hours" !!!! :D :D :D

Well, A2A team gives such a respect to his customers! Very good spirit!



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