Poll - what engine are you flying with?

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What engine have you been flying with so far?

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Re: Poll - what engine are you flying with?

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i know this is an old thread but im flying the virtual N228Q with the IO-520. and it seems to do good with that set up. i used to have trouble flying this plane. but i did some research and now have 6 hours on my plane. :D i also have the tip tanks installed

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Re: Poll - what engine are you flying with?

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Another belated reply to an old thread but one of the reasons I bought this aircraft was for the 550 option. It is almost a necessity for the type of flying I intent to mainly do in it which is covering ground at speed and needing power reserves for shorter runways and higher rates of climb but still able to pull up on a short landing strip as well. There actually aren't that many GA prop choices that combine all of those characteristics. A Beaver, for example, might have the short field and climb capability effortlessly sewn up but it does not have the cruise speed I prefer. What I also love with the Bonanza is its throttle response, but I guess this is what you are going to get with a small aircraft with the same unladen power to weight ratio as a Group A BMW M3 touring car!! For whatever reason, simulated machines with 300 horsepower seem to find their simulated way inside of my computers...

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