is it realy worth buying it?

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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post DHenriquesA2A »

jwenting wrote:Is it worth it?
Is anything worth it?

After all, it's just pixels on a computer screen, no different from any other pixels on a computer screen.
OK.....................and Svetlana Kapanina is just another ugly old airplane pilot !

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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post EightyFiftyFive »

Svetlana Kapanina... and for those wondering who she is:

and lets not forget about:
Amelia Rose Earhart who flew a PC-12 around the world back in 2014.
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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post Mig_Driver »

Absolutely! I bought both FSX and P3D versions on release and couldn't be happier. Sure it's not much different than the Stratocruiser on paper as far as performance goes, but the little touches are worth it. It seems to have so much more powerful an AI behind everything too. I suppose it doesn't hurt being a huge fan of Connies in general either. Seems to fly much more gracefully than the Strat.

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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post n421nj »

Not to mention each new release brings with it new advances in accusim. It becomes clear when you look at the older releases like the p47 or j3 vs the t6 or comanche.

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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post Neon »

Take that man outside and wash his mouth out with soap! Is a constellation worth buying???? YES!!!

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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post MatzeH84 »

To be honest, for me the Strat is giving me more (which is absolutely amazing considering the age of the addon!).
Modelling is exceptional as always, texturewise I am for the first time a bit disappointed, especially in the VC and on the pax windows.
Some more stuff like chocks would be great as well.
I find the controls rather sensitive, but maybe I just have to play around with the setting a bit.
What really got me off guard was the missing altitude hold function on the Sperry AP which I desperately miss on longer flights.
So after all, my conclusion would be: If you are a A2A collector, Connie lover and/or the flight profile (shorter routes) suits you better, you will be highly satisfied.
If you only like to fly a 4 engine propliner, the Connie won't give you significantly more than the Strat.
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Re: is it realy worth buying it?

Post FHS »

Just picked up the Connie... It is native for P3D!!! Still picked both licenses, best for everyone involved. Just to be safe. ;)

Wow.. that's all I can say. So far, no aircraft was as much fun for long hauls as the COTS 377. But now... wow, it is... just beautiful!!! Sounds, visuals, details... What a fantastic job guys!!


Today, a first flight from Lake Tahoe. Good weather for a first flight, too!


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