An interesting issue

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An interesting issue

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I had not flown the Connie for many years, and lately redownloaded it and set it up in P3DV5.

Years ago I had noticed an issue with the airplane mixtures (the levers at the engineers panel) when flying at higher altitudes (24,000 in this case). Simulation Rate set at 4X, every 30 seconds or so the mixtures go to full rich, the RPMs go high, as does the MP. It then goes right back to where it was. It's doing it again, but this is a totally new machine.

Since I overclock both the CPU and GPU (not excessively, they are very stable) I have a large amount of monitoring software running. Interesting enough, this occurs at the same time the frames rates drop... which is common for my setup at 4x regardless of airplane or weather software running. And it happens with/without the flight engineer being on watch. Occurs less at 2X and not at all at 1x. Also of interest is that no other airplane I fly shows any operational changes when the FPS drops and comes back up. This drop is most likely either due to scenery or weather loading, not sure which.

I have not yet verified this in P3DV4 but that will happen in the near time.

This post is more to pass along information than request a solution, that is obvious, fly at 1X. :wink:

My machine is a I9-9999K at GH, a RTX 2080 TI, and 64 GB ram.

Oh, and I have switched off auto mixture.
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