Engine running on start up (P3Dv4)

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Engine running on start up (P3Dv4)

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Unfortunately I am fast approaching my "sell by date". I will be 90 in Feb.
Briefly, I have a long aviation career, learning to fly in 1948 at the age of 16.
RAF pilot from 1949/1957 (flying the Harvard at 4FTS Heany in Southern Rhodesia.
Commercial Pilot BOAC/BA 1957/1986.
Commercial Pilot Air Lanka 1987/1991.
For old times sake, I purchased the T6, and initially would prefer that when selecting it from the P3Dv4
library, that it starts with the engine running. I don't wish to go through the full start procedure.
I have read through the very well presented A2A manual, but cannot locate an answer.
It's probably located in the P3D pages, but again, I cannot find it.
All of my other aircraft are rather more basic, and I select all of them sitting on the runway threshold,
and ready to go.
Any help would be really appreciated, many thanks, roytc.

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Re: Engine running on start up (P3Dv4)

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Hello ROYTC - sounds like a fascinating career sir! I'm sure you have many interesting stories.

For the Accu-Sim T-6, the standard behaviour is for the aircraft to be 'persistent'. In other words, if you shut the sim down with its engine running, it'll still be running next time you launch the sim and select the T-6. However, if you open the sim and the engine is off, there's a quick way to start the engine. You can either click the "auto-start" text in the Shift 3 menu, or you can just use the default P3D key shortcut for this, which by default is Ctrl e.

Hope this helps and all the best.

A2A Simulations Inc.

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