missing animation with some gauges

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missing animation with some gauges

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Hey guys,

with my T6 (FSX:SE, latest updates) the glideslope needle and the oil press/oil temp/fuel press needles seem not to be animated (?) correctly:
  • If the GS is coming alive or if you change frequency the needle does not move to the corresponding position but it jumps there. LOC needle running smooth.
  • Same with the above mentioned engine instrument: If you pull the breaker the needles are jumping to zero. Not so when toggling the battery switch on startup or shutdown - then they're running smooth to it's position.
Haven't checked that one with other electrical instruments yet. But it seems there's something wrong with the code.

EDIT: The free air/mixture temp gauge is running smooth if one pulls the breaker.

Could anybody confirm that?

Thanks in advance,

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