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Controls issue
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Author:  Mr.Mugel [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Controls issue

I´ve recently moved to P3D V4.1 and bought the T-6.

In general it´s great. But I have some issues with the rudder control mainly. First thing is on the ground. The tailwheel lock / unlock using the stick forward backward is really strange for me. At higher ground speed it seems like the wheel won´t unlock in general. When slowing down it suddenly engages sometimes, but sometimes it won´t react to the elevator position at all. Is there supposed to be a speed dependand unlock mechanism?

Second part is rudder in flight, affecting ailerons as well. I tried to do a hammerhead turn but it doesn´t really work. As soon as the wings stall, I lose pretty much any response on the rudder / aileron controls. (I´ve checked the sims Stall warning and it seems to appear / disappear) simultanious to the control loss. Ailerons would make sense in a way as they might loose a big part of their effect if the airflow over the wing is no longer laminar, but the rudders? Rudders should work at least when applying a lot of engine power, I guess.

I´m using V4.1 on a Windows 10 system with a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X. A Logitech G25 wheel is connected but all P3D axis are removed from that device. I tested the joystick in 4 and 5 axis modes (4 means connecting the Z-axis on the rear of the throttle handle to the Rz (rudder) axis). In 5 axis modes I have less trouble with the ground steering, in 4 axis mode I cannot unlock the tail wheel at all. I have repeatedly recalibrated the stick in P3D and tried various sensitivity / dead zone setting.

If anyone knows this problem it would be nice to get some info. Or if anyone is able to use the rudder during stall with the Hotas X stick.

If you need any more info, I´ll be happy to provide it.

Just thought about it. May this have something to do with the P3D V4.1 patch? I´ve tried that, but it doesn´t work like the usual A2A update tool, which checks the installed aircraft and so on, but just says ok after a very quick install (Folder is correct). Is the usual update program still available somewhere? I think I don´t have the previous T-6 patches installed, might be bad as well, but as said, I can´t find a link for the updater anymore.

Kind regards,


Author:  Mr.Mugel [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Controls issue

Okay, eliminated those issues I guess by switching to the "DirectInput" method in the "Controls/Other" tab. Might be worth a big statement somewhere for P3D noobs like me.

Got some other issues with that but those don´t seem to be A2A related. (Actually they are kinda, but I´ll figure it out, just the input configurator saving the wrong input device. Might be a result from all the fiddling and replugging the devices.)

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