Smoking engine

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Smoking engine

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So I’ll admit, I am still learning here. As such I may be slightly ignorant. But I figured I’d ask here before I take drastic measures.

Backstory, I’ve had a bunch of time lately so I decided to take a trip from my usual area in Northern Illinois down to Key West. (No Coronavirus simulation yet.) which means going from the frozen tundra of the Midwest with my lightweight oil down the the sunny beaches of Florida. Well, I’m so far into central Alabama and it’s definitely showing on the oil temp which is right up at the top of the green band threatening to touch the redline. (Probably should have switched weight before I came down here.) As a result I was looking around for a place to put the airplane if the worst happened I looked backwards and saw smoke. Not like thick, heavy smoke, but a feint trail as though thin oil was getting past the piston rings and burning in the combustion chamber, kinda like a 2 stroke dirt bike. Knowing A2A I wouldn’t be surprised if this effect is modeled. And that’s exactly what’s happening, but I don’t see any other evidence of it. Tank is roughly where the oil always sits, (though there’s no way to tell exactly how much is in there which in hindsight I feel is an oversight,) pressure is still normal, and CHT’s are even a hair cooler than I’d like.

Question is, am I seeing normal operation? Or am I actually slowly murdering my bearings? (Which is apparently a thing you can do cause it randomly happened shortly after I got the 6)

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Re: Smoking engine

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Sounds familiar. Check the compression.

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Re: Smoking engine

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If worried you can check the aircraft in the main hanger

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