Vor/Saitek Radio in T-6 Texan

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Vor/Saitek Radio in T-6 Texan

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I am just learning VOR in the T-6 and found that I can control the cockpit radio from my Saitek Radio Panel with knob settings but cannot switch from Active to Standby from my Panel.

I have to do this from the cockpit panel which is a distraction when airborne. Does anyone else have this problem?

Is it a Saitek radio problem?

I also found that the VOR identifying Morse code is almost continuous whereas it thought that once I had identified the station it would go away?

Does the T-6 VOR receiver support the use of VOR2 simultaneous operating with VOR1

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Re: Vor/Saitek Radio in T-6 Texan

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Hello flash2,

Please see the existing responses in the other thread you opened.

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