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T-6 and a swift half

Posted: 17 Jan 2020, 08:11
Hi Pilots

just landed Harvard at RAF Marham from Duxford (autopilot mid-phase, briefly) ; Orbx mist and wintry storm theme, P3D 4.5. Would've popped in for a "swift half" before flight at Duxford, Lewis, but dodgy experiences have taught me not to mix T-6 and alcohol. You really have to stay on the ball and actively fly this bootiful and fantastic machine; even for just a short flight up the road. (Still forgot to lean out). Super atmospheric sounds with canopy back for the approach. Thanks to instruction from our A2A Forum, I landed smoothly, gear wheels first; though forgot to retract flaps till shut-down. Always an exciting experience.

One day I'll get down to Duxford to see the historic RAF Museum. Recently been researching my local and formerly RAF Longbridge now on the Austin motor works, where Great War and WWII aircraft production was phenomenal; WWI S.E.5A Fighter, WWII Fairey Battle Bomber, Hawker Hurricane, Shorts Stirling Bomber.

Rod EGBB (need bacon sandwich to re-fuel, brown sauce, of course ….Brighton v Aston Villa tomorrow)

Re: T-6 and a swift half

Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 07:31
Lewis - A2A
Nice job, and yes if you are only in Brum, you certainly do need to pop down the road to Duxford if you have not already for sure! Its a must! 8)

Lewis - A2A