RAF Desert Camo (VH-TXN WIP)

The world's most popular advanced trainer of WWII
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Re: RAF Desert Camo (VH-TXN WIP)

Post Nick - A2A »

Terrific repaint John, as always. The choice of bluish-gray interior primer is a very nice touch too! :)

Thank you,
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Re: RAF Desert Camo (VH-TXN WIP)

Post Bomber_12th »

Thank you Martin, Chris, Jim and Nick! I'm glad you like it!

For my next repaint to be released, I decided to do a simpler one again. This is Buzz Cortese's SNJ, which is commonly seen on the east coast of the US, such as at the annual MAAM WWII Weekend airshows. I've only just started on this one, with only the most basic elements in-place, so there is still a lot of work to be done (haven't gotten into the details yet - stencils/cockpit/landing gear/wheels/pitot tube/engine/wheel wells/flaps/flap wells/darken anti glare/etc.).

John Terrell

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Re: RAF Desert Camo (VH-TXN WIP)

Post JoeS475 »

Nice! I go the MAAM's WWII Weekend almost every year, and this sure is a familiar sight, notable to me as probably one of the most highly polished aircraft I've ever seen!

Looking forward to this, John. Fantastic job with the desert camo as well, a beautiful addition to our hangars...


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Re: RAF Desert Camo (VH-TXN WIP)

Post crazac »

Stoked. Thank you.
Bomber_12th wrote: I haven't been too keen on doing another camo-job for a while (though you certainly learn of all of the final little nuances of the texture mapping that you may not have known prior with a simpler scheme (especially the wing tips)). ; )
:lol: yea... there are a few sections on this plane that are/can be difficult.

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