Confusion regarding the manual

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Confusion regarding the manual

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In the manual they use MPH as a unit for speed. But in the T6 I see the speed meter showing knots. Is it a typo in the manual or should I convert all given speeds in the manual from MPH to knots and use these converted values ?

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Re: Confusion regarding the manual

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It's not a typo and I have no idea why the manual numbers are in MPH. Convert the numbers to knots and use the the converted values.

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Re: Confusion regarding the manual

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I’m not sure, but I think it’s possible the select either kts or mph. I’m not near my sim for the next couple of days, but have another look in the manual. Maybe it’s in the shift 3 menu??
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Re: Confusion regarding the manual

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It is in the Shift 3 menu. You can change the ASI between mph and knots.

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Re: Confusion regarding the manual

Post Jacques »

Maybe the use of MPH in the manual is a measure of authenticity for the age of the T-6. I think the military changed over from MPH to knots shortly after ww2, with civil aviation in the US making a slow transition over a number of years after. The P-40 manual is also listing speeds in MPH as does the Constellation manual (airspeed limitations are in MPH, other speeds given in knots -just to further the confusion!) 😂

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