Homemade Comanche cockpit.

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Re: Homemade Comanche cockpit.

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A friend of mine has interchanged his piper comanche yokes with my piper cherokee yokes.

So I have real piper comanche yokes :)



I am starting to build the force feedback system.
I have made a central box, which extract data from simulator (prepar3d, xplane, msfs), compute and generate forces and vibrations. It is at about 50% coded.

I am testing it using and old force feeback wheel, using just the motor, working with my electronics, and I think is working fine.
You can setup multiples paramateres, save profiles.. all in the same central box, with a menu.


There are connectors to encoders, motor drivers, trims pots/switches.. etc..
I will post some videos with the system working.


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