Comanche 250.

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Comanche 250.

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Hi, although I haven’t flown FSX for some time I revisited A2A in anticipation of the release of the Comanche for MS FS2020. Looking at my Account I could not see my Comanche that I had downloaded. Other aircraft show up but not my Comanche.
I do have a FSX Folder on my Computer showing the Comanche in it but I can not understand why it doesn’t show up in the A2A
Downloads I have made.
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Re: Comanche 250.

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Hi Brett,

In the case that you purchased the Comanche direct from the A2A store, but prior to May 2018, please see the info here about migrating purchases from the old store to the current one.

It may also be worth double-checking that you didn't purchase from a different vendor, e.g. in a sale etc.

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