No sound in the cockpit?

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Adam Pestridge
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No sound in the cockpit?

Post Adam Pestridge »

I have installed the 182 and when I go into the cockpit, there is no sound at all? There is sound outside and when I activate the accu feel, I can hear that in the cockpit, I just cannot hear the sounds of the cockpit at all..?

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Nick - A2A
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Re: No sound in the cockpit?

Post Nick - A2A »

Hello Adam and welcome,

Please can you let us know what playback device you're using and if it's the default Windows audio device? There's an "Accusim sound menu" option in the P3D "Add-ons" menu which lets you select a non-default device for playback if preferred.

There's also a volume control for Accu-Sim sounds in the Shift 3 menu.

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Re: No sound in the cockpit?

Post kopolla »

I'm having the same issue. Accusim has the proper audio device selected and the volume is maximum. The sound on the outside works fine.

EDIT: After resetting the Accusim the audio device within P3D and a restart of the sim it is now fixed.

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Lewis - A2A
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Re: No sound in the cockpit?

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yes you'll need to restart the sim for the change to take effect.

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