Reality XP GTN update request

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Reality XP GTN update request

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Nick: Long as you're updating the A2A fleet to work with P3D v5, could you also add in the ability to use the Reality XP GTN 650/750 in the Cessna 182? Also the Comanche, Civ P-51, Texan, Connie, etc.? That would be really great! I've got my RXP GTN working in all those aircraft, but for some reason I've been really struggling with the Cessna 182. Only in the Cessna 182 about an hour and a half into the flight, usually just as I'm getting ready to land at the destination, I get a crash to desktop (CTD). The RXP GTN equipment works fine in the Bonanza, but the aircraft configurator is set up to take that, so no sweat. Everything else I've had to select the appropriate F1 GTN and then do that add-on, Reality, auto-switch thing in the overhead menu. Plus the special .xml file and the tiny tweak in the panel.cfg to get the buttons to work. Like I said, this process went smoothly in everything except for the 182. I don't get the CTD if I'm flying the 182 with the regular GPS, so I'm pretty sure the problem is due to the F1 to RXP switcharoo process. I'm running P3D v4.5, and everything has the latest updates (even the RXP GTN).

Also, while you're at it, please consider enabling left and right mouse clicks to move the magneto selection, like you did in the P-40.

EDIT: OK, I don't know for sure what I did, but it appears that the RXP 750 GTN is working in my 182. Today I downloaded the new RXP update for the 650/750 GTN. I reverted to the GPS 500 via A2A aircraft configurator. I saved my graphics settings, and went back t default graphics settings in P3D (eeewww!). I installed the F1 GTN 750 with aircraft configurator, then fired up P3D. I went through the Add-ons, RXP menu and autodetected the RXP GTN 750. This time a McAfee window popped up, and I clicked on the "don't bug me, man" button. Next I did all the secret stuff to the panel.cfg and so on. NOW IT WORKS! I pre-ran our next A2A Misfit Squadron flight, which took about two hours when I included the GPS LNAV approach to Rwy 19L at Dulles. It was a great flight. Nobody died.

Still, I'm requesting that you install in ALL A2A aircraft 1) full-on RXP capability, and 2) mouse left and right button mag switching. Well, maybe you can forget about the GTN stuff in the P-40 and the Spit.

Thank you

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