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start up

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Hello Team,

I was able successfully to install the C182 into P3Dv5. During the start up process, then engine does crank all switches and settings are set according to the checklist. However when I call up the garage for faults of the plane. I get a fuel leak indicator each time I try to start up the plane. I fix the problem and it comes back immediately again. Could this be a bug that occurred during installation or is there a fault in the coding which prevents me from flying? Any help or guidance would certain be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: start up

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Hello Marco,

Yes, this is a known issue in P3Dv5 and we're still working to fix it. In the meantime a simple reload of the aircraft should resolve the issue and you can actually assign a keystroke to the "reload user object" action in P3D as shown (this action is unbound by default). There's some more discussion on the matter here.


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