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Logitech Panels Problems

Posted: 04 Apr 2020, 07:30
Yesterday, I re-downloaded the C182 v18.4.22.0 from my account, which, when in full manual control with all buttons and switches accessed via the VC, flies like a dream. However, I use both the Switch Panel and Multi-Panel from Logitech and there are some issues with them specifically related to the C182.

The issues are;
1) The battery switch operates in reverse to the VC and the alternator switch doesn't control the VC switch at all although all others are fine after initial configuration - switching each one on and off and back on again.
2) I can switch on the Auto Pilot and successfully change all settings, such as altitude, vertical speed, heading, course, etc. from the MultiPanel. Those changes show up correctly in the VC with the aircraft responding appropriately but only if I select the HDG/NAV/ALT buttons on the autopilot in the VC. If I push any of the buttons on the multi-panel they just flash on and off and do not alter the status of the switches in the VC - except for the AP button which remains latched and lit.

I have a number of other aircraft in my hangar (Just Flight P-28 Arrow, Realair Turbine Duke, Carenado Baron and others) and the switch and multi-panels work fine with them.

I'm running P3d v4.5 in Windows 10 and have installed all the relevant SimConnect.msi files as well as the plugin direct from Logitech along with the latest C182 update (today).

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Re: Logitech Panels Problems

Posted: 04 Apr 2020, 11:46
Tomas Linnet

You'll need something like LINDA(free ware), SPAD(free ware, I'm not sure this works with P3Dv4) or ware) to make it easy for your self. you may need to purchase FSUIPC to run these programs, but I cant remember.
Problem is that A2A uses a lot of custom variables in their ad dons, so default controls don't work.

I'm on FSX SE, but I use a mix of SPAD and LINDA to run my Saitek panels.